Freight Forwarding

Our expertise I sea freight management will not just save costs for you but will also save the anxiety for you. We provide cost-effective and sustainable freight delivery solution. Accounting for 90% of global trade, ocean freight is the most common form of transport for imports and exports. This can a be very complicated process. As Valdo Freight Solutions, we have you covered with a detailed guide from Bill of Lading, Incoterms, Shipping Lines and Insurance.

Advantages of using ocean freight include: cost effective transportation of containers of goods, the ease of transporting big and heavy goods/equipment. Shipping ports generally have large storage capabilities. As ocean freight volumes grow, you need a reliable and experienced forwarder. At Valdo Freight Solutions, we are committed to continuous improvement, growing with our experience to deliver seamless and integrated sea freight solutions. Valdo Freight Solutions can move almost any type of freight from general cargo to dangerous goods.